Episode 6: Up by the Bootstraps

U.S. Navy Seabees negotiate an obstacle course, 1943

When we think about making games we tend to focus on the creative journey: the path of ideas and insights leading from a rough initial design to an engaging final product. Most of the time though, this process is only half of the true challenge. Taking a game from start to finish also requires negotiating an obstacle course of real-world challenges. How do you find like-minded collaborators? Where can you go for working capital? And of course, if you can’t work full-time on your great idea, how do you squeeze in the sheer number of hours you need to make it happen? This week Chris and Derek take on these tough questions with special guest host Dru Erridge, a game developer who bootstrapped his own creation from the seed of an idea into an incredibly impressive project. Let’s find out how he did it!

Show Notes

Image credit: U.S. Navy Seabee Museum

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