Episode 20: Back to the Future of VR

The colorful world of Fantastic Contraption

It’s been one year since the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift kicked off the era of consumer-ready VR devices. Twelve months in, what can we say about the opportunities and challenges of this new technology? In this episode we’re discussing the present state and future trajectory of VR with two veterans in the space: Andy Moore and Dr. Kim Voll. Among their many professional accomplishments, Andy and Kim are two of the co-creators of the award-winning HTC Vive game Fantastic Contraption, and experts in both the human and technological dimensions of VR technology. Let’s find out what the next phase of VR’s evolution has in store!

Show Notes

  • Official site for Radial Games, Andy and Kim’s independent game studio
  • Andy and Kim were part of the team that brought Fantastic Contraption to life on the HTC Vive.

Image credit: Northway Games

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