Episode 25: Small Steps and Giant Leaps

An unexpected vision from Everything, by David OReilly

Great games come in many forms, from incremental riffs on familiar genres to radical explorations of untouched design spaces. The creative tension between the poles of iteration and innovation animates much of game design, and the ability to negotiate these currents is a feature that can elevate truly inspired concepts above others. On Episode 25 of Vertical Slice we’re discussing the subtle art of blending new design elements with the familiar, and discovering how worthwhile breakthroughs can actually come from many points on the iteration/innovation continuum.

Show Notes

  • Chris has been exploring educational games and finding that great titles are surprisingly hard to find. Bobo Explores Light┬áis one old but venerable title that demonstrates true educational innovation.
  • Everything, by David OReilly, is a great recent example of a game that (successfully) tosses out familiar design conventions in favor of something altogether different.

Image credit: David OReilly

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