Episode 47: One Chapter at a Time

A collection of colorful Harry Potter books resting on a shelf

Time is one of the most implacable risks that game development studios face. It takes time—sometimes quite a lot of it—to create a worthwhile game, and in traditional release models all of that time has to be financed up front before a game’s sales can even begin. In this context, the idea of being able to deliver game experiences incrementally—in episodes or chapters rather than massive releases—is surely an appealing proposition. Episodic content has the potential to reduce risk for studios and increases content frequency for audiences, so why hasn’t the format found wider adoption? On Episode 47 of Vertical Slice, we’re discussing the dream and the drawbacks of episodic game delivery, and brainstorming ways to help this underexplored approach blossom.

Show Notes

  • The 2018 BAFTA Games Awards took place last week, and What Remains of Edith Finch was honored with the Best Game prize. It’s a well deserved accolade for a truly innovative entry in the modern games canon.
  • After a long hiatus, Sony’s God of War franchise will make its debut on the PS4 this week. Kratos’ new quest is attended by monumental expectations, but early indications are that it may well live up to them.

Image credit: Sonia Belviso