Episode 48: Mobile Metamorphosis

A butterfly rests on a pink flower

Mobile gaming has long been a commercial powerhouse, but it hasn’t typically exerted a strong pull on the so-called “core gaming” audience of PC and console enthusiasts. Mobile’s rap has been that it’s ideal for light entertainment, but not well suited to more complex experiences. Recently though, the new mobile incarnations of Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds have upended this conventional wisdom. What does it mean that two dominant core developers have turned to the mobile market to boost the fortunes of their marquee titles? And what does this evident upswing in mobile core gaming mean for the rest of the industry? On Episode 48 of Vertical Slice, we’re sizing up the implications of this emerging trend, and discussing the future of game design in a mobile core world.

Show Notes

Image credit: Radu Privantu (CC BY 2.0)