Weekly Roundup: October 16, 2016

I Expect You To Die Screenshot

A lot of VR news this week, as well as several¬†other gamedev gems. This post covers 10/3 – 10/16 due to an inconvenient business trip ūüôā

Check out Episode 4 for a discussion on whether the first generation of VR will realize the dream of immersive experience or whether we still have further to go.

  • An interview with¬†Jesse Schell of Schell Games provides practical tips for soliciting valuable feedback during play tests. (polygon)
  • Valve showed off a prototype of its new hand tracking controller at the Steam Dev Days event in Seattle. (gamasutra)
  • David Mullich summarizes¬†a paper prototyping panel discussion moderated by IGDA Los Angeles and hosted by NYFA. (davidmullich.com)
  • Torbern Ellert on the Elusive Target system in Hitman: a fantastic¬†example of compelling game design. The design creates¬†experiences that are distinct, exciting, and rare, while matching the game theme perfectly. (gamasutra)
  • Jeff Cork and Kyle Hilliard at Game Informer provide¬†a convenient overview¬†of the state of VR platforms, including PlayStation VR. (gameinformer)
  • Ben Kuchera observes that the legal risk of publishing misleading game trailers or screenshots is low, and that it is up to consumers to hold game developers accountable. (polygon)
  • Another installment of Gamasutra’s excellent Game Design Deep Dive series: prototyping and design iteration by Beglitched designer AP Thomson. (gamasutra)
  • A helpful discussion of procedural generation on Chasm, a Metroidvania-style game that strikes a balance between hand-crafted design and procedural generation¬†to¬†increase variety¬†and replayability. (gamasutra)

Image credit: Schell Games

Weekly Roundup: October 2nd, 2016

Darkest Dungeon hero image

Game development news that caught our attention this week:

  • Notable release: after a long journey from the stygian depths of madness, Red Hook Studio’s critical darling¬†Darkest Dungeon¬†has arrived on PS4. (Official site)
  • Take a tour of five titles that create¬†compelling¬†narratives without any dialogue. (Game Informer)
  • Thoughtful piece about how Brian Balamut and Giant Squid sought to recreate the emotion of being underwater¬†while creating their visual masterpiece¬†ABZ√õ . (pixelempire)
  • Recap of Amy Hennig’s thoughts on looking for¬†creative solutions before resorting to tech. (gamasutra)
  • Book of Demons devs provide a postmortem of their early access launch, and share¬†the challenges of gaining traction even with¬†solid¬†coverage from major gaming media¬†outlets. (thingtrunk)
  • Mark Brown published another installment¬†to his Boss Keys series, this time he looks at the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Seasons, developed by Capcom for Game Boy Color. (youtube)
  • Jeff Vogel provides practical¬†advice to aspiring developers¬†in a lengthy yet¬†lively¬†blog post. (gamasutra)
  • Liz Mercuri provides an excellent¬†‘getting started’ guide for students interested in developing¬†skills for the¬†games industry. (gamesindustry.biz)
  • Harsh Gupta gives a colorful and inspiring challenge to learn something new about game development every day beyond what you encounter in your work. (isometric dawn)

Image credit: Red Hook Studios

Weekly Roundup: September 25th, 2016

Chambara neon city

Game development news that caught our attention this week:

  • Valve continues to adjust Steam reviews in an effort to¬†highlight helpful contributions¬†while¬†preventing¬†abuse. (Kotaku)
  • Graeme Devine has come¬†out of retirement to join¬†Magic Leap as its “chief game wizard.” In this interview he discusses how game¬†developers will create Mixed Reality (MR) experiences. (Gamasutra)
  • Chambara is a local multiplayer game on PS4¬†that includes screen-looking¬†as a unique core gameplay element. (anigamers)
  • Star Citizen has raised more than $120 million but it’s development has been fraught with controversy,¬†scope creep and difficulty levering¬†large groups of contractors. An expos√© on what not to do. (Kotaku uk)
  • Phil Walker-Harding on designing for¬†a specific target ¬†audience¬†and¬†creating¬†dynamics that respect player choice. (Cardboard Edison)
  • Unseen64 is a online archive working to preserve the¬†development history of unreleased games. They recently released a collaborative volume that¬†details some of these stories. (gameinformer)
  • Planar Conquest developers give an honest look at the difficulties of multi-platform development. (Gamasutra)
  • A challenge to the indie community to ease off on the intense criticism of Hello Games and Sean Murray.¬†Is the game’s disappointing launch just a case of honest intentions colliding with the challenge of working with a AAA publisher?¬†(indiewatch)

Image credit: Chambara