Episode 4: The Moment of Truth

Oculus Rift headset

Virtual reality has long been a totem of our collective imagination. Who wouldn’t want to leap into a fully realized alternative world? The fantasy of VR is one that taps into our most elemental sense of wonder. Now, for the first time, VR’s promise has been neatly packed into mass market consumer devices, available to anyone whose optimism (and graphics card) are sturdy enough to brave the new frontier. Will the first generation of VR hardware validate the medium’s promise or break the spell? In this episode Chris and Derek discuss VR’s moment of truth, and peer into the future of immersive game design.

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Image credit: Oculus VR

Episode 3: Begin with the Feeling

Transistor Concept Art

A game design can begin in many different places, from an idea for a new mechanic, to a story, to a sketch. But what happens when a design starts with something even more elemental? Can you base a whole game design on something as elusive as a feeling? This week Chris and Derek take on this question in the context of Transistor, a deeply atmospheric adventure RPG from the award-winning team at Supergiant Games. Join us as we delve into Cloudbank’s mysteries and consider what it means to design from the heart.

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Episode 2: The Eight-Year Overnight Success

Rocket League Hero Image

Rocket League launched in July 2015 to incredible critical and audience acclaim. With five million downloads in the first three weeks, the game was a huge “overnight” success for developer Psyonix Games. Yet as is often the case for apparent out-of-the-blue hits, this particular triumph is one that was actually many years in the making. In this episode Chris and Derek discuss Rocket League’s superbly well-honed competitive gameplay, and consider what’s possible when you refuse to give up on your great idea.

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Episode 1: Our Watch Begins


As Blizzard’s first new IP in nearly two decades, Overwatch has a lot to live up to. Does the game match the towering anticipation that preceded its release? Chris and Derek discuss their thoughts after a first week with Overwatch’s heroes.

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